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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Offending the Japanese old people. (a.k.a. my neighbors)

For 6 years I have been trying to get a rise outta my neighbors and it finally happened today. Let me start by saying that if a Japanese school was located near me in Hawaii and they were using a symbol (gravestone) that was associated with one of their holidays I would not be offended. had my name on it and it had my date of death as sometime in the next week. That would be extremely uncomfortable but other than that I'd laugh it up and enjoy watching a teacher who took so much of their time and money and sweat trying to exchange their culture in the most authentic way they could.

So it wasn't the severed heads or dead bodies or anything else I have was the Japanese looking tombstone written in Japanese that got the neighbors riled enough to ask if it could be moved just indoors (where the nosey Obaasans are going to see it anyway) The Western tombstone written in English (same phrase) "Here lies a bad student" never got anything other than uncomfortable looks but change the shape and the language and all that changes. I will be a good neighbor for now :) but...on Halloween night that ohaka is going back outside where it belongs right next to the western style one.

What the F__k are you lookin' at?

The party was great (update) more pics right HERE

I left this comfort inspiring gem up with a red backlight for 3 extra weeks just to scare the old people away. It works :) Ima put it up in September thru November from now on. Yeah, I may lose potential students. Anyone related to the offended old people would NEVER let their Prince or Princess go here but as it stands right now, I have people waiting to join so.... fu__ em'.I bring the REAL scary stuff and alotta people dig that even if it freaks em' out a little :p

I think America (Boston/Hawaii) for me, is less apt to "shock" when it comes to cultural celebrations. It is part of the unique fabric of the country. On the other hand groups like the A.C.L.U have filed suits against malls to take down their Christmas trees because some non Christians may be offended (excuse me while I fucking puke) or trying to ban Halloween because of it's supposed religious (pagan) roots. The A.C.L.U should stick to helping people not restructuring it's culture.

That aside. When the Japanese in Hawaii celebrate there holiday including O'bon no one seems offended in fact they embrace the chance to learn. The Japanese in my neighborhood anyway seem to be a little less open to the joy of "cultural exchange" so for me it's "chotto chigau" ;)

Update: I have decided to submit this too The Japan Blog Matsuri

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