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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey Chris teacher...In your FACE!!!

Today a student (she is 10? 5th grade Elementary School)forgot her homework which is her English diary. I told her she had to do it right then in-front of me while I taught her classmates the planned lesson. (You WILL do what I say or you'll do it later but you will do it.) They know the rules.

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This was a chance for me to see if this 10 year old was really writing this excellent off the top of her head without a dictionary or phrase book. Some of the expressions and phrases she has used in the past are WAY more advanced and structurally developed than a lot of adults. I teach all my kids this stuff but it typically isn't this well formed at this age. She has no other experience other than my class which is an hour a week. It turns out she is a full on badass with skills that could pay the bills. She maybe knew I was checkin her out so she threw in the money thing with some art.

I have taught her from ABC's and now she's writing like this and talking a lot too. I am blessed and feel happy to have my ass handed to me :)

After I said, "Dayum" (about the $650.00 she got AND her diary) she looked at me knowingly with an expression that screamed..."Oooooh, you thought? You want another one?"

Nah, I'm cool..go spend some of that loot ;)

Speakin' of "loot"..
One student used some School cash to go shopping and she bought herself a nice pencil case.
$150.00 was a STEAL!! ( A top notch student can earn that in about 10 weeks)

I decided to edit this post because I realize it coincidentally shows two of my original ideas which have been copied by the local Eikaiwas including E.C.C. which is a big chain.
The money system is very structured and they even have bank books. The School store is NOT filled with 100yen goods because that would suck and look as half ass is it would be. I don't give stickers to High School kids like some ALT's. It's almost insulting or at least my students need a little more effort than that. You gotta spend money to make money but ALT's get paid whether they sit on their hands on teach there asses off so it don't mean shit to them and that's why the system sucks. Lotsa shitty teachers in Japan because of the ALT system.

I also started diaries with kids as young as 6 years old which some other Schools never considered until I required it. My kids were just so far ahead of theirs grammar wise they had to do it. (It's homework so they don't lose speaking time)
They used to start in J.H. but by that time my kids are writing freakin novels in English so even a couple of local cram Schools have followed suit.

I have a Top 10 list which is displayed at the entrance to the public which clearly points out who's the best based on clear criteria that allows any kid a chance. ALL the parents check at the beginning of the month. A mother once asked why her son wasn't on the list. I said he's not one of the 10 best he does what is asked but never more and he lacks guts. She was annoyed and I was too busy to give a F__.

2 years later and he's now on the list because a little bird told him to get his shit together and he did and now Mom gets to see her Princes name. He earned that and it has been a huge success which has also been adopted by other Schools which were terrified to possibly insult a sensitive parent but now...they do it because we are teachers and we are supposed to teach, motivate and evaluate the students who pay us and we need to not care about hurt feelings. I don't teach _______. I teach English.

To all the Schools who copy me (almost all ya'll...this is the countryside and parents chatting about my system or students or parties was always the best advertisement and finding out when you followed my lead always lit a fire under me do do more) After the show is over and I leave the stage please keep it up. I'd hate to think that after my leave you will return to your "grab the money at every chance" ways. Put down the beer, cancel the trip and spend real time coming up with your own ideas and have some pride in what you do. Mr F__ up himself just told you to get your shit together and you know I'm right. How bad do you feel? I hope a lot.

I will note that in 7 years I finally heard something good. Last year an ALT was using a "passport" and putting a stamp in it everytime a student initiated a conversation with her. THATS cool. That's original and if I still taught at a public School I'd copy it and send her a thank you note.