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Monday, January 3, 2011

Favorite pics of 2010

"T" is for timeout dawg!!
(She's really throwing up pre-school gang signs....kinda'd never think)

(An original creation spawned by the site that taught me how to make a real laser pen using an old DVD laser and a MAGLITE.) I used this at the Summer beach BBQ.

IKURA suddenly made a comeback...again! I know I know...
"Don't call it a comeback..I been here for years"
**LL Cool J - Mama said Knock you out**

For the Lady...a sip of Redbull ( Don't know that kid behind me??)

"Luke I am your father!!" was kinda tempting but he's not my student so he can't speak English. You get it? The other School's are no good so.. ya...nevermind.

I drinks the Coke Zero myself. (I got tired of being confined to my School and went totally "Rogue Zombie" for the day. One of the funnest Halloweens in Japan ever!

It's difficult to convey how odd some people felt at the sight of me. I was as they say...somewhat distracting....**Cough** ;)

I saw her at the Christmas party. The baby looked different from the Halloween party? I really think she ate this one? Absolutely crazy sh__ right there!!

This girl said she wasn't too scared in the Haunted house? Um... The screaming and this pic would seem to indicate... ah nevermind.

6 person buzzer set 6000yen
Turning a hard lesson into a fun game...PRICELESS!!

This is perfection at the interview stage of the Eiken. I asked for it and got it. I no longer support the Eiken system after the Eiken 2. It is a waste of time and the "Eiken" tag in my sidebar for more of why I fell outta love for this test

Goal was 920. Get was 950. Getting certain jobs requires a 900+ (Next)

This is the future of English language evaluation in Japan. The TOEIC SW, Speaking and Writing test.

She is among only 6,000 people who have taken this in Japan since 2006. She got a lvl 6 without any prep and she is definitely a 7 outta 8 next time around. I got no qualms with the test system because it's pretty damned outstanding for evaluating a speakers level which is why companies rely on it. By the way she said this test was very fun.....very fun...I have NEVER heard that said about an English evaluation test before. Good job TOEIC!! I highly recommend it and have other students preparing for it.