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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rain..tha f__k? (Messin with the Christmas display!!)

I started decorating my School for Christmas the 2nd year (2005) and it hardly ever rained. According to the internet and my own un-scientific study (how much water is in the mizu) December and January were the driest months of the year in Yanai. Since 2007 though December has been getting wetter and wetter. Natural Earth cycle accelerated by man? or ________? I believe the first one so won't mention anything else. Itis, in Japan, very real I'm pissed to say! I gotta break down and take in the goods like a 1 man Christmas commando more than I like and can do it fast. Like today.....__ck!!

My student got me 2 BUCKETS of candy canes from Costco in Fukuoka. They look small in the pic but these are BIG.
Thank you Yumie!!