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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "Party" The Games

"Name that Tune" is coming back and better than ever with more songs Western and Japanese. The buzzer system (pictured below ) will be used to much greater effect. Each 2 person team (1 Japanese 1 Foreigner) will have 10 chances against there opponents to guess the song and Buzz in to answer. This game can get really fun if the song mix is right. If your coming, and wanna be sure your musical tastes are reresented equally please contact and name that/those artists :)

The firefox plugin Youtube video2mp3 has SAVED me!! I don't need torrents or trackers. If it's on Youtube then I can rip a HQ mp3 outta it. LOVE THIS THING!! Wprks great for the Japanese stuff too BTW.

The Wii Sports tournament is a king of the hill winner stays and plays on while the opponents take turns trying to knock off the king and change the game or keep kicking ass. The room is being specialy carpeted for this event which should be a smash!!

**If you have a Wii controler bring it!! I have 2 but up to 4 people can play some games and of course only you will ever touch your own controller :) **

I am NOT fuc_ing around yo!! Bring your "A" game!

Ikura lookin' nice and chunky for Winter! I love this cat!!