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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm famous...AGAIN!!/Merry Christmas!!!

My School's Christmas display was filmed and is being run 4x a day as a seasonal intermission commercial thingy. I don't watch cable but a student of mine does and they recorded it for me :) I remember when they came to film and NOW I get what the woman was trying to say. This cable station could be nationwide and it could be running off a small antenna which is viewed by 50 old people..I dunno??

I wish they did the Halloween display/Haunted House which is MUCH rarer around here :(

UPDATE: Apparently a lot of people still have cable because there is a traffic issue in front of my School and people are coming in inquiring about the School. That woulda been great a few years ago. Anywayz..

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!