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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Update from Japan

Got more people coming than last year but the R.S.V.P thing can drive a Mo'Fo cRAZY!!

I will serve Turkey,Ham and all the fixings and I ask the attendees to bring something sweet so we always have lottsa sweets too. But... I gotta keep track and ask for alternatives in-case there's a boom in something particular. The 1st party had A LOT of Jello/Jelly's..?... So since then I ask exactly what is being brought and if theres already enough of that I request another thing. I got 6 varietys of Chiffon cake this year for example so if anyone says there bringing that I gotta shut em' down politely and suggest or accept happily an alternative.

I'm doing a really fun "Name that Tune" game and I need lotsa Japanese songs to make sure my students can enjoy it. I foolishly deleted most of the ones Saki helped me download...a definite WTF moment :(

There will also be a wicked Wii sports tournament too. I think that will absolutely pwn.