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Thursday, November 18, 2010

TOEIC - トーイックスピーキングテストは、近い日本の将来で、英語の実用的な力を試すテストになるでしょう

This IS the future of English evaluation in Japan.


I have been teaching the Eiken for several years but I am through with that. Grades 5-2 are practical but the pre-1 and 1 are no longer going to be taught by me. I have had several students pass the Eiken 1 since my School opened. It is an incredible achievement but the time invested and the accuracy of the test are questionable at best.

No thanks

The Eiken? The vocabulary for the Eiken 1

Supercilious, Alacrity, Mellifluous, Mendacious.

In what event might a person you teach use those words? This is simply not practical as it does little to improve their overall level. This is a memory challenge. Nothing more.
The essay portion accounts for 28 points and is related to their composition skills but they will never get that essay returned and if it is why they failed then they will never know exactly what their weakness was. I as a teacher cannot support them because I can't see what caused them to stumble and it doesn't even address the question of WHO exactly is correcting these many many essays? Are they exclusively native English speakers or fellow Eiken 1 lvl students who were lucky enough to pass.

28pts right there!

The pass score is not determined until after the test is administered because they cannot gauge the difficulty level until after they total all the scores. If the test is stuffed with people who tried but failed before they will be of a higher level which will make the overall score higher. THAT is not an effective score nor is it an accurate evaluation of some one's English level.

Now the TOEIC

Begin, Began, Begun, Beginner

Looks easy as hell but a lot of Eiken 1's may not be able to place the appropriate word in a sentence. If it were a business letter to a client a mistake could have huge ramifications if it were regarding a project's designated start date. You get it?

Eiken Speaking portion: 4-7 minutes.
TOEIC Speaking portion: 20 minutes.

If you make a mistype it is not deducted because as we all know..there is a "spell check" and most companies require it be used before forwarding business mail. Nice :) Practical :)

If during the speaking portion, you misspeak it is not necessarily going to hurt you if you are able to stay composed and deliver the message effectively. I sometimes misspeak. It happens. The TOEIC is more concerned with a real world (business-centric) style of communicating with realistic expectations and a clear numerical scoring system that gives as accurate, scaled measurement of a students development.

I know Eiken 1's who still have trouble with proper Noun,Verb,Subject placement and make past/present/future tense mistakes. You will not get 900points or more on the TOEIC without getting the basics down solid. I like that. I also like the fact that the Speaking test testers are themselves,frequently evaluated which should maintain a form of quality control over the whole damn thing. Again, Yeah! You as a student are anonymous to the tester. Where you are from is of no consequence on the iBT. There are many reasons why that is a good idea.

Tadashi Yanai (the richest man in Japan, President of Uniqlo) has implemented the TOEIC standard. He is not richer than Sony's or Toyota's presidents because he is a revolutionary. It is because he is an evolutionary, if you will. He is anticipating and creating change with forethought towards the English standard in a way that Steve Jobs did with compact portable digital devices. It will benefit his company in the future. He's no fool. I anticipate many if not virtually all major companies to fall in line if for no other reason than to stay competitive. A kind of "Keepin' up with the Jones's" ;)

The (speaking) part of the TOEIC was challenged by less than 300 people across Japan last time but it IS the future. I have 2 students getting ready for it as we speak :)

**Thank you for letting me take a picture of your book Keiko!!**