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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ikura the Japanese Cat V3

Ikura is looking great just before Winter!! He has full control of the local harem for the 3rd time. He is my pride and joy and I thought he wasn't gonna make it through last Winter. After hearing the battle last night I awoke to see the King back on his throne! Time for some dried fish and some cheese for my boy, ladies and gentleman, back again, I give you the legend....


I already used LL's "Mama said knock you Out" in praise of my favorite warrior cat so I'll go with the BOOM! This time since he definitely jack boomed another cat last night.

***P.O.D. "Here comes the Boom"***

is that all you got?
Ha ha
I'll take your best shot.
Is that ALL you got?

C'mon!!I'll take your best shot!!

****I was painting giant candy canes last night F.Y.I.****