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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas in Japan (The lights..part 2 of 3)

I got the newest prop up today :)

Yeah, it's early...but I gotta party to prep for and I need to be ahead of schedule so I'll enjoy it a few days earlier which means more time before I have to take it all down. it's a "win win" situation (I had to hack saw the top 1ft off this tree for it to fit and the Angel is still squished :( ) I bought this tree in Hawaii at Ala Moana Sears 5 years ago cuz the ones at Nafco Suuuucked! They are alot better now I think. The box was over the JAL limit big time so they taxed my a** HARD! This is an expensive tree and a testament to my stubborn stupidity. I thought they wouldn't call me out if I looked scary but a dainty Japanese JAL counter woman CRUSHED me with her little tape measure and that was that. Leave it behind and buy a crap Nafco tree or pay up...I paid...I'm happy! It's a gorgeous tree and after it gets the mini candy cane treatment it'll be ready for "Christmas tree monthly's" centerfold :)

I used to hang the Snoopy animated ornaments on the tree but some of them are really heavy and they throw the tree off balance visually so I came up with this "Martha Stuart'ish" idea. (is she still around..alive?) She used to pwn this season till I took it from her!!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving BTW! I used to celebrate it before the Christmas prep got too big and I realized that the menu was almost the same.