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Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween in Japan (2010)

You can't see a thing but it's all about the screams. :)

The girl in the top pic likes to think of herself as pretty damn cool and she is for her age but if she ever says "I wasn't scared"...I got a pic ;)

The child at the bottom of the first set of pics was eaten by the woman holding him soon after this picture was taken. I know what your thinking.."yeah,right"!! I got one question for YOU. Have you seen that baby today? O.K. then. You put a baby near a monster and some stuff might "happen".

Morgan liked his spider...A LOT!! Don't....touch his spider.

O.K., here we go...
"Hey Chris, I thought that baby got eaten? Whats it doin in the last pic?"

Observe the difference in clothing geniuses. That baby in the last pic is ANOTHER baby that wondered into the arms of a gentle looking monster and is probably about as "alive" as the one that got eaten earlier.

Monsters+Babies= Tragedy.