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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A "trick or treating" memory of a 10 year old

When I was 10 I had 2 "I'm gonna remember THAT forever!!" moments.

1. (the blue arrow) marks the spot where I was trick or treating really late. I walked up to that house and the young couple was getting ready to rush out to a costume party and were surprised to see a kid out so late..apparently? The guy had no shirt on and walked out of view and the beautiful 20ish woman walked out from behind the counter and commented on my Darth vader costume.

"Oh it's soooo scary!!" she said as I suddenly realized she had on sheer nylons with nothing under or over them!! I was in love, excited, surprised and a buncha things started running throught my mind. i walked away in an excited daze in the wrong direction thinking I was the luckiest kid in the world.

2. (the red arrow) Because I was so dazed and confused I ended up walking up Fairview rd to go home instead of the easier down hill route. I came up on a house and I could see that someone had left a tray of candy outside and left for a party maybe. My pillowcase was full and I could barely drag it but easy candy was calling....

As i step up the 1st step a scary ghost sound starts and I ran out to the street light but I had left my huge pillowcase behind...SHIT!
I walked back absolutely petrified and when i grabbed my pillowcase of candy i heard the ghost again but noticed a clicking sound too?

I looked under the bush and the guy had setup a motion activated sensor to start and stop the cassette...yeah cassette player (old days) as i was stuffing all the candy on the platter into my pocket because my pillowcase was full (hey it was late) I thought that guy must be cool as hell. I decided to never toilet paper our otherwise harass this super cool guy.

I spend every Halloween thinking of how much he scared me and I try to do the same for some other kid. (Minus the free platter of candy cuz I ain't dumb) How the F___ did he make a motion sensor way back when? I can do it now using sensor lights jimmy rigged but not with a CD because of the start stop mech is harder than a cassette. I got tricks up my sleave and I'll post a video of my fright fest but I thought I'd pay homage to the stranger who inspired me and the 1st love of my life :)

The woman? She must be 60 now and she can't possibly remember a 10 year old in a Darth Vader suit that caught her 1/2 naked....or does she? Nah!

The Decorating has begun and most every post from now until Halloween will be about..
Halloween in Japan. My neighbors are already twisted up tight about my display. I think some fuses are going to pop because I'm goin nuts this year. The Haunted house will be messed with intermittently between the outside display and the cleaning of the party room