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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Japan 2 Harvard & gimmie tha plastic one!!

I have a student who is taking a crack at Harvard. He needs info on taking the S.A.T's in English of course and the TOEFL test. He ain't fuckin' around. I got some girls looking at the A-level colleges in Japan but this is the 1st one trying to go "Ivy League" directly from my school.

His conversation class is basically about how to get from here to there.

When I went to Hawaii I always thought... "Shit, I'm gonna struggle wherever I start livin' by myself so it might as well be someplace that in the end is worth the struggle". No offense to people back in "beantown" or others strugglin' in places you couldn't PAY ME to live (anyplace without a beach). You can't beat Hawaii!! I am proud as fuck to call the 808 my home. (after my Japanese long stay is over).

I guess he thinks that way about studying in America. If he's gonna jump through fucking hoops it might as well be to get someplace worth goin'.
I feel ya bro!
I'll be helpin with that one.

Pretty sad when I wish I was eating the plastic version of the burger I ordered. It's not a Japanese thing though. They never look like the add unless it's from "Jack in the Box" ( I would throw 7 people off a building for one bite of a grilled sourdough burger)

I'm on a diet. I take the top breads off :)
I don't ever eat in the McDonald's in Japan. An American eating American fast food.
I feel like I'm being watched like a Panda at the Zoo. If I eat outside they get the picture. Don't bother the Panda while he's eating. ;)