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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Perfect Eiken Interview...AGAIN!!

This class had 3 girls pass the Eiken 3,3 and pre 2. The top pic is of a perfect interview scorecard. Yumi kicked ass.

And yeah.....I did it again. I got another student to maximize themselves and get a perfect score. If they all listened to me like Yumi did they would all get perfect scores. I gotta be satisfied with everyone passing and keep pushing them to the next level.

My name is Chris and I ....well...I kick ass like a looter smashes glass. Am I the greatest English teacher in Japan?
I'll let my students achievements answer that question. (see pic in top of post again). This perfect score stuff happens a lot around here. I gotta bottle this s__t and sell it cuz the other teachers can't hang.

Perfection is the path to greatness and Yumi just got on it so get the ___k outta her way unless you can hang.

Yumi is great and I am proud of her. The second pic is of another Eiken which was not perfect but it was a PASS so congrats to Hana. Chinami's pre 2 is confirmed but not pictured.

Everyone did a great job so relax this month cuz from September it's on again!!