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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in the groove..almost + "Keyword chaos"

Starting to almost get back into things here. The Japanese school summer vacation is almost over and I can start teaching heavy again. As a teacher I really hate August.

The Elementary girls were reading a "Tommy tales" printout which happens to be about an adventure in Hawaii. I got a little homesick to be honest but it's all good and they were reading at a most excellent level. They are a few years ahead of their peers for sure.

I have used a "Pay for performance" system and it works great. I used the term "Money laundering in Japan" and many times before it was the search term that got me a hit. I'm sure they weren't expecting to see me :) Even the little google blurb shows I was just messin' with keywords. Oooops! Page 1 baby!!

Here's another google snack.... The best English conversation School in Japan.
I'll be seeing those hits in a week or so. (Welcome you people...whoever you are)

If you can use xhtml or html codes then you can tinker any site into getting way up on the Google pages.

Got a gift from one of my adult students :) Grapes from her hometown!!

Thank you!!!