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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in the groove..almost + "Keyword chaos"

Starting to almost get back into things here. The Japanese school summer vacation is almost over and I can start teaching heavy again. As a teacher I really hate August.

The Elementary girls were reading a "Tommy tales" printout which happens to be about an adventure in Hawaii. I got a little homesick to be honest but it's all good and they were reading at a most excellent level. They are a few years ahead of their peers for sure.

I have used a "Pay for performance" system and it works great. I used the term "Money laundering in Japan" and many times before it was the search term that got me a hit. I'm sure they weren't expecting to see me :) Even the little google blurb shows I was just messin' with keywords. Oooops! Page 1 baby!!

Here's another google snack.... The best English conversation School in Japan.
I'll be seeing those hits in a week or so. (Welcome you people...whoever you are)

If you can use xhtml or html codes then you can tinker any site into getting way up on the Google pages.

Got a gift from one of my adult students :) Grapes from her hometown!!

Thank you!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Having fun during O'bon vacation :) 143

I had a BLAST jumping off a little cliff today!! Big fun!!!! Time to teach from tomorrow but I had some serious fun this O'bon!! 143 baby!!!!! Woooo hoooo!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

River Japan

Yeah, sometimes I'm trippin' :P
Just because I totally pwn doesn't mean you need to hate on a playa. LOL

Had some fun today playing in a river eating and hamming it up for the camera!
This is the slow season for teaching (the next 2 weeks) so bear with me and my totally non English related post. Things will return to normal soon ;)

**update** Added a couple new "hammin' it up" pics from another trip to the river plus another waterfall. Decided to do it this way instead of doing another river post. Time to kick back and chill.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Perfect Eiken Interview...AGAIN!!

This class had 3 girls pass the Eiken 3,3 and pre 2. The top pic is of a perfect interview scorecard. Yumi kicked ass.

And yeah.....I did it again. I got another student to maximize themselves and get a perfect score. If they all listened to me like Yumi did they would all get perfect scores. I gotta be satisfied with everyone passing and keep pushing them to the next level.

My name is Chris and I ....well...I kick ass like a looter smashes glass. Am I the greatest English teacher in Japan?
I'll let my students achievements answer that question. (see pic in top of post again). This perfect score stuff happens a lot around here. I gotta bottle this s__t and sell it cuz the other teachers can't hang.

Perfection is the path to greatness and Yumi just got on it so get the ___k outta her way unless you can hang.

Yumi is great and I am proud of her. The second pic is of another Eiken which was not perfect but it was a PASS so congrats to Hana. Chinami's pre 2 is confirmed but not pictured.

Everyone did a great job so relax this month cuz from September it's on again!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Off Topic (Rage Against the Machine)

So I went to see Inception at a Japanese movie theater today. It was AWESOME!!
I had to laugh at the anti-pirating warning just before the movie started.

What do they think I do with a fiber optic connection anyway???

By the way. What about the end? Why doesn't he (DiCaprio's character)keep watching his "totem"?? ***not a spoiler*** You'll be lucky if you "get-it" even after you watch it. Seriously well directed movie. Was blown away for the first time in a long time.

UPDATE: After sleeping on it I am even more impressed by this movie. The critics seem to love it but some people really don't seem to understand the gift the director tried to give them. You really gotta THINK when you watch this movie. Like many of the critics note i will and should watch it again because it's beauty is hard to see in 1 showing. Truly brilliant movie making and I am now a fan of the director.

I went straight home and promptly downloaded a Cam version until I find a screener DVD. I also downloaded a DVD quality copy of Shutter Island and promptly ditched the Cam version.

If you got friends around the world I highly recommend this "active" wallpaper. Every 4 minutes it provides an updated view of the Day/Night shadow of the Earth and cloud cover which really helps me see easily if my friends are awake or asleep.

Demonoid rules! Members only, no viruses and monitored/rewarded upload/download ratios. Mine is 2-1 which allows me to give an invite to anyone who wants one and will share their stuff.

Japan is as hot as I imagine Mumbai must be. Holy sh__ it's hot!!!