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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Basic review with Advanced Japanese Elementary kids

Where's Hawaii? (that's not cool..I took em over to the world map and let them handle their business) They ALL know where Hawaii is ;)

Where's Florida??

Where's New York? (BAM! They got that fast)

We were doing a prepositions review using a map and a print and whatever I could think of. Summer vacation season in Japan means my school will be running at about 50% attendance which means I cannot start anything heavy until September.

Her writing is amazing for an Elementary student. I was seriously not as good when I was 10. No way.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The 2010 Summer Beach Barbeque

This was my favorite Summer BBQ. The whole Pig 2 years ago was a nightmare but it was a nice experience for the students. Last years Prime Rib was delicious but expensive (lost a lot of money) The old beach was a fisherman's beach and I went there too many times. I got tired and my students did too.

This year we kept to the "traditional" BBQ menu + musubi's and it was much easier. The beach and it's facilities were pretty outstanding for this area and it was PERFECT for a beach party! The members were a nice mix too. Interesting conversation from a variety of differing views. Thank you to everyone who helped make this my favorite Summer barbeque :)