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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ikura the Japanese BOSS cat V5 "retired....and chillin"

Ikura visited for the first time in a while and he looks...good and retired. I watched him get beat and then beat a freakishly huge cat named pon-chan. He is a warrior and I love putting him on my blog. If you click his tags you can see previous stories. He looks like I feel. Pretty damn good but a little hot.

She made a couple of mistakes but i love her way of writing. Better than me when I was 10 and she's Japanese. Comparing to me is not too cool though. At high Rock Elementary school in Needham Mass I once deprived our whole class a gold star for writing and thus some gift. It was 4th grade. To be honest I can't believe she (the cursive writing teacher) put that on me...I mean I still remember it?

It's getting hot as ___ck over here!! Hawaii...I'm comin'!!