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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Japanese Diary (little girl's morning version)

The first moments of a day as seen through an 11 year old Japanese girls eyes. Sounds pretty textbook for Japan and maybe that solid "Leave it to Beaver" vibe is why she is so freakin' smart :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 Japan beach just hit you in the head :)

The 2010 menu is not fully decided but you better look both ways before you cross the beach because my newest weapon with trained warriors will put a balloon upside yo head before you even think of duckin' ;)

The first year was just a buncha cheeseburgers.

The next year was a whole pig plus cotton candy shaved ice soft ice cream and lau lau chicken....and cheeseburgers...of course.

Last year was a Prime Rib with Cotton candy etc etc.... ( it was AWESOME melt in your mouth crazy delicious by the way)

The lau lau chicken which Morgan always sets up nice

Over the past 3 years there has been Hula, singing, magic shows, ukelele, volleyball, horseshoes, dodgeball, badminton, football, swimming, net fishing, boat rides, and all kinds of food. This year will be.......

If you click on the tags or the "pictures" section of this blog you will find many more Summer BBQ photos :)

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 person water ballooon launcher = Winner :)

I tested the 3 person waterballon slinshots and it's a definite winner :) As long as the balloons are of reasonable size you can REALLY sling them a long way!!! Good fun!!

Time to put these to good use :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ikura the Japanese BOSS cat V5 "retired....and chillin"

Ikura visited for the first time in a while and he looks...good and retired. I watched him get beat and then beat a freakishly huge cat named pon-chan. He is a warrior and I love putting him on my blog. If you click his tags you can see previous stories. He looks like I feel. Pretty damn good but a little hot.

She made a couple of mistakes but i love her way of writing. Better than me when I was 10 and she's Japanese. Comparing to me is not too cool though. At high Rock Elementary school in Needham Mass I once deprived our whole class a gold star for writing and thus some gift. It was 4th grade. To be honest I can't believe she (the cursive writing teacher) put that on me...I mean I still remember it?

It's getting hot as ___ck over here!! Hawaii...I'm comin'!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June's Top 10 and stuff

The "Top 10" for June 2010

A nice gift from my student Yumi who went on a school trip to Nagasaki. Thank you Yumi :)

Before the conversation starts they need to put a "little work in" ;)