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Friday, May 21, 2010

Living in Japan (Being a **cough** good neighbor, and the "get" part IV)

She has been saving for something since I started the "Pay for performance" system. It is ALL outta my own pocket but what is money for anyway??
I get a kick outta seeing their smiles and knowing that they earned it through hard work and studying.
"Little Miss Sunshine" and "Mr Men & Little Miss" are hot right now in Japan. For kids anyway :)

The money returns to the "Bank" and she gets a nice bag for her Kendo club :)
I really do love my job :)

This Sunday is the "Neighborhood cleaning day". I gotta clean the river that flows infront of my School. I sometimes chafe on the regulated society here in Japan but I actually enjoy keeping stuff clean.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Generic update. Teaching and living in Japan part....?

Getting ready for the Eiken :)

A couple more gifts from some students. Saki/Wakana, Keiko and Sho. Thanks :)

The "Pen Wars" are about to erupt....again :)

I've been watching Heroes lately thanks to 14375 and I gotta say I'm liking it :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday girls closing down the week.

I tried to take some pics using a remote and they came out s__tty!!! :(
Oh well!!
Saturday is such a fun end to the week and it's mostly because of this group! LOTTA FUN!!

(The notebook if from a 5th grader prepping for the Eiken test)

What does hitting a ball have to do with English?? Ah...that's some "secret sauce" right there. ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Teaching English in Japan. Who the ____ made my schedule??

I used to complain about my schedule when I worked for someone else. Now i work for myself but I still complain cause the "Changing season" in Japan always flips my schedule so much it looks nothing like the year before. Having a lot of students is great but finding a way to accomodate everyone is pretty hard and sometimes impossible.
Yesterday i got up at 9am and then taught 9 classes.
4-4:30 break eat ...etc

I have no time...not even a couple of minutes between classes! Who the ___k made this plan???????

Me :)
I teach 9 classes and still get to sleep till 9 and finish at 7:30. It's kinda sweet and sour ;)

Today is 8 classes but I finish at 9:30 so Thursdays seem more efficient.

(My favorite diary and a gift from a student. Good job and Thank you, respectively ;) )

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Golden Week in Japan v4 ( Just chillin") USAVICH

USAVICH is the most popular item among my students (Japanese kids)right now. Ala MTV!

My student's grandmother provided the "post test" sweets :)

All my students know I love beef so it is a common gift from them. Am I in heaven or what?? I get paid to do a job I love and they sometimes throw in some juicy steaks to boot!! Yeah!!

Golden Week in Japan is filled with traffic so Ima chill locally and grind on some BBQ!! ____K traffic yo!!! ;)

My favorite track right now!! ( Lil' Wayne - Comfortable) No vid :( Just lyrics. The song is tyte :)