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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Manga as a study tool.....FTW

I don't know the name of this comic be honest i just realized that it's a regular book and not manga at all.....oh well...the title stays because it will get more hits than "book" ;)

She walked me through the story in English (she's in J.H.) and a drawing which helps A LOT with my A.D.H.D :) It is a book about 8 students who have to sacrifice 1 member to get out of each room. It's like SAW in it's way of bringing up the moral dilemma's that make us human or sometimes act otherwise. In the end are we just animals?? or are we our brothers keeper?? It's a fun class :)

The "top 10" for April 2010 (This is only for Elementary aged students and above.

This was a "gift" from someone today. This thing goes for around $100.00!! This is what a $100.00 steak looks like in Japan. I'm looking forward to grillin these soon!! 143 ;)