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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Japanese adult's opinion and a Japanese kid's thought + buzzer crazy the Eiken way

A Japanese elementary girls diary. Above. (she's 10)

A Japanese adult woman's opinion on crime in Japan.This was not related to the death penalty but it sometimes is. The Japanese are pretty conservative and most of my students are fully supportive of capital punishment. I'm really happy about that. This was before the opinion was corrected (grammatically).

Like the man in the famous Clint Eastwood movie said

"Hang em'....Hang em' high!!!"

Most kids these girls age can't even read and they're playing the "slap game" or something borderline valueless at their School . Lazy ALT's are the main culprit. I have seen only a couple in 6 years who actually put as much time into lesson planning as they do into weekend and holiday planning. Laughable, recyclable, embarrassing, ineffective, expensive,selfish to the point of severe disconnect with the weight of their job. Pathetic pretty much.
I got a letter from the mother of 3 students today (thanks for the kind letter). She said over the past 5 years I had changed her children's lives. The oldest (H.S.) discusses quantum physics with me which is made easier with the help of Michio English. The 2nd (J.H.)talks about her life and stuff and is just now becoming fully capable of holding a conversation while the 3rd (Elementary) is about a year away from his sister. He's still 5th grade Elementary so he's way ahead of the curve. I also heard another of my 1st year J.H. students bumped into an American girl I met at one of my parties. My student was apparently chatting her up about history and whatevers. I get to see the results of my effort. I couldn't do this job without that reward.
I really feel that most to all the ALT's that don't live in Japan shouldn't even be here. They are part of the problem. Not the cure. Thankfully most of the Schools around here are trying to contract directly with foreigners in Japan instead of gambling with some "I dream of going to Japan someday" Japan sugoi otaku type social loser that has little experience in teaching and didn't really come here to do that anyway.
If your on my blogroll or have been to my parties this isn't about you. Though i did invite an ALT from Hawaii mistakenly assuming she was chill when it turned out she was just another traveling otaku...from Hawaii. Oh well :)

The first kid to get the Eiken question could hit the was pretty close sometimes and if they were wrong well then they lost a point and were out which allowed another student a chance to answer. After the Eiken prep it turned into chaos with the kids just challenging each other on who could turn their backs, sit on their hands and then see who could get to it first. The English value was but I had gotten my lesson in and they were free to burn that energy anyway they liked.