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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cold in Japan "Operation GEEK" (XBMC)

If you watch or listen to music via PC with or thru your Home Theater you outta be using this. XBMC.

After figuring out how to add scripts, this thing is really looking like the coolest piece of code ever written (for media storage/organizing and playback)
***If you get non writable path errors remember that's a Vista/7 thing and you'll have to extract to another folder C:user\documents\namegoeshere and then drag and drop into the xbmc directory. It was the cause of all my stress and once I got over that it wa all cherry :)

The movie folder. You need to use scrapers to get the tag info (if you downloaded your files yourself ;) ) It has a "coverflow mode" in some skins. The pic below is of a skin called "The Operation" with "coverflow" activated. I just downloaded the new Oscar winner "The Hurt Locker" today :)

The music library has coverflow and oogles of other customizing options depending on the skin and plugins

The music player with using an oscilloscope visualization. I have 5000 untaged songs that i have to use Media Monkey for to get the proper cover art.

The weather channel plugin in action :)

Did my last class for the 6 year old's at the local kindergarten. Great kids and great fun. I'm gonna miss em'