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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ikura the Japanese BOSS cat V4 "runnin' game"

Ikura the old "Boss" cat made a surprise return because the temptation of love made him overlook the fact that his nemesis (a HUGE cat named pon-chan) now runs the game on this corner. He looked so bad the last time i saw him I expected he may pass soon so seeing him back up to strength was a really nice surprise.

I took care of him when he was young and he grew to become the undisputed boss of the area. He likes to chill and listen to me give him motivational speeches. Somethin' like Mick would do for Rocky :)
He was unseated once by the freakishly huge rival only to come back and whip that ass in a river. Cats don't like water but they were tearing it up in the river ignoring everything around them. He won and reclaimed his place for a time but eventually one of his own off spring came back and de-throned him like a player in a Shakespearean drama.

He will always be the "Boss" to me and I hope he scored himself a little somethin' somethin'. I'd hate to think my pics jammed him up :)

He can be found here to

My labels are a mess. I'll work on it someday ;)