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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ikura the Japanese BOSS cat V4 "runnin' game"

Ikura the old "Boss" cat made a surprise return because the temptation of love made him overlook the fact that his nemesis (a HUGE cat named pon-chan) now runs the game on this corner. He looked so bad the last time i saw him I expected he may pass soon so seeing him back up to strength was a really nice surprise.

I took care of him when he was young and he grew to become the undisputed boss of the area. He likes to chill and listen to me give him motivational speeches. Somethin' like Mick would do for Rocky :)
He was unseated once by the freakishly huge rival only to come back and whip that ass in a river. Cats don't like water but they were tearing it up in the river ignoring everything around them. He won and reclaimed his place for a time but eventually one of his own off spring came back and de-throned him like a player in a Shakespearean drama.

He will always be the "Boss" to me and I hope he scored himself a little somethin' somethin'. I'd hate to think my pics jammed him up :)

He can be found here to

My labels are a mess. I'll work on it someday ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines/Homesick/365/Demonoid invitation

The grey days of February are really making me homesick for Hawaii. I'm looking forward to my return home :)

Getting with the Valentine stuff. Print is courtest of MES English dot com :)

One of my adult students reviews the movies she watches. It has spoilers but....oh it at your own risk ;)

A couple of the many chocolates I received for Valentines day :) Thanks everybody!! See you on "White day" ;)

I hit 365 days C&S yesterday :)

I also have 1 Demonoid invite which is free. But a bad member can get the inviter (me) banned. So if your a jolly pirate than make your request. Otherwise. Don't bother.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday "Bad Boyz"

So I had a "fire sale" and knocked 40% of the regular price of the Bad Boy notebooks and BAM!! they were gone in a flash. One of the boys held out and he must be convinced I'm gonna start selling some real goods. If he has any dreams of ipod nano's dancing in his head he's gonna be sadly disappointed. I think he's just tight with the wallet but that's not a bad thing.

These boys were once my biggest headache and now they're my biggest "proof of concept" class. They walked through "English hell" with me as the fire breathing dragon and now they got major skills and they know it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Asashoryu and me

In 2001 there was a Sumo demonstration put on in Yanai,Japan. I was a big fan of Sumo since living in Hawaii and the rivalry between Akebono, Musashimaru, V.S. Takanohana, Wakanohana was something that kept me glued to the tournaments on T.V. being re-broadcast via NGN in Hawaii.

When I went to the Sumo display I was hoping to get Musashimaru's pic with me. I waited for him and when I told him I was also from Hawaii and could I snag a quick pic he just glared at me and walked by like some arrogant mainland haole.

He was busy,tired..I don't know but he acted like an bit_h and I was pissed..REALLY pissed. No Aloha from a local boy.

I walked out and thought..."I gotta get a picture with a sumo wrestler before I leave" Outside the main auditorium was one lone rikshi. I asked if I could get a picture and he smiled and obliged. He put his arm on my shoulder for the second pic ( that picture and the negatives are lost?)
You can see a few things..

1. I was 106Kg!!!! (now I'm 74.5 and hover near 80 when I'm weightlifting)
2. I was still pissed about the punk Musashimaru so I couldn't even smile.
3. Asashoryu is chill. He was glad to take the pic. no bad vibes whatsoever.

I didn't know who he was at the time but 2 years later I was BLOWN AWAY to see the Yokozuna ceremony being performed by the guy I snapped a picture with!!!
I had to find the pic (which took a while) to confirm it was true.
He is famous now and always surrounded by people but on that day no one knew him and he was standing by himself and was kind enough to take a pic.

Thanks Asashoryu!!

His first 20 tournaments. He won 25

Dear Japan Sumo Association,
Thanks for being stupid,racist and un-supportive of your biggest attraction. You guys suck it hard. You just f__ed yourself and every Sumo fan because your ignorant.
You should all be fired. The 3rd winning est Yokuzuna in the long history of the sport is now gone for no good reason that couldn't have been resolved with some thought.
Can you imagine a company letting it's star staff member walk?? How about a 2 tournament "vacation" without pay and with 25 tournaments and a chance at history and getting older that's not a small thing.
Did ANYONE consider that?? He comes back with a clear head and your star is back drawing the crowds and if he still can controll himself then cut him and trumpet your efforts to have tried. This is the best you all could do?? Are you fu__ng serious?? If the Japan Sumo Association was a public company you morons would drive it straight into the ground.

Nice job geniuses!! The best Sumo wrestler on the planet is now "retired". And that's good for who exactly??

I was lucky to get that pic and meeting him ranks right up there with meeting Tupac Shakur in Hawaii before he died. No pic of that but a nice memory.

Thanks for the picture Asashoryu!! Good luck with your future!!!

....Can I flip it? I may get wicked as I rip it.
To get specific: If the shoe fits, then kick it.
It's for the gifted. Pump your fist if you wit it.
Here's your ticket to see Mr. Wicked rip shit.
Now they wanna ban me???
(Told ya)
All I wanted to be was a soulja!!!!

"Representin' 93'" - Tupac Shakur