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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Creative....daniel_k

This is where I sat for waaaaay too long trying to re-install my creative soundcard drivers. It took less time to rebuild the PC re-install the OS and everything to just the way I like it than it took just to re-install these drivers. F__ Y__!! Creative for being so crappy that i had to turn to someone named "daniel_k" at the creative forum which seems to be filled with unhappy customers trying to get some...any support from creative.

I finally got the drivers from here Thank you daniel_k whoever you are you made my life just a A LOT easier than it was.

A pic of what i wanted from the start. Just a functioning soundcard. a.k.a what I f____ paid for!!

One of my Elementary school girls doing better than I did when I was 10! That is for sure!! My teached had fits with my chicken scratch ancient scroll looking hand scratch.

The kids at the pre-school making me feel good and reminding why I do this. :)