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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Elementary girls level-up! and some pie :)

The Elementary school girls are stepping up a level as of now. I will no longer follow-up on regular questions. I expect their classmates to do that from now on.


(Me) What did you do this morning?

(Student) This morning I watched T.V.

(Another student) What did you watch?

I will teach them week by week the questions they will need to ask to satisfy their curiosity and my expectations.

Other schools teach kids how to speak. I teach them how to control,continue and change the conversation using their knowledge and attitude.
English is not just a language. It takes an attitude that is more confident and straight forward than some others. If your smart and were taught well (my job to teach) then you can speak and do it in a way that matches the culture without being rude or thoughtless. Being confident does not mean you have to sound and act like an ass___. I usually do ;) but I teach my students the smarter way

Hana's Granny made some apple pie! Thank you :)
I hope it made the test easier to swallow ;)