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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Eiken 1 (Vocabulary Hell)

Another one of my students is challenging the Eiken 1 Step test and I'm sure she will pass because the others did too. I have learned that the vocabulary that is needed is in fact ridiculously tough in that it has a LOT of words that most people never say much less write unless they are writing a thesis or are a walking dictionary. Similar to the "Rain man". You know the type. Can't start or carry on any normal conversation but can define or translate most anything in multiple languages. Anyway...
A lot of the books give 500 or so words and actually use about 25-50% in sentences (the answers to their quizzes) and leave the rest up to you. I have learned that finding a way to put every word in a sentence requires a little overtime by the teacher, in the form of original quizzes and that is the difference between simply knowing the translation and actually using the word. You gotta choose 1 of 4 in that section of the Eiken so you better know them all. The overtime does nothing for your wallet but it fills up the pride at knowing you helped ANOTHER student reach the top of the ladder.

Another students opinion on the secret nuclear pact between America and Japan.
Good job!! :)

If this revelation was a surprise to anyone than they really should consider....with more thought, the complex world we live in, and have been living in since the "Arms Race' began. Gee whiz.. the government keeping a secret from the people that elected it. I tend to get along well with Chess players. They habitually think about advance steps (and the possible results of said steps). It makes the unlikely seem more likely by simple deduction and forethought. Sadly most people can't even see what is right in front of them right now.