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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in the grind...and happy to be :)

The best overall student in my school (left) based on my ranking system.
They are getting back into the rhythm after the long Winter break

A couple of students just got their Christmas presents because they were on long family holidays. They were happy!! :)

This 10 year old girl got a total of 90,000 yen for Japanese new Year money called otoshidama (?) When i was 10 I got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas butt I'm sure it didn't ring up $900.00 dollars!!
I don't wanna be a Toys R Us kid...I wanna be THEIR kid!!!! :)

(I clarified that it wasn't a mistake. She really did get 90,000 yen).

My student gave me a really nice roll cake as a souvenir from her trip to Hyogo.
Thank You!!! :)