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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 School party pictures

These are just a few pics from
The Hanami Party in Japan
The Hawaiian beach Barbeque party in Japan
The Halloween and haunted house party in Japan
The 2009 Christmas party in Japan.

Click on the tags to see more party pics. This is just a few selected in no order for no particular reason. I do like a couple of the Halloween ones though ;)

Thank you to everyone who helped make these great parties :)

The Christmas party (above). Santa, Turkey and a shooting range....good stuff ;)

The Haunted house and Halloween party. Kids was really fun :) Don't connect the 2 unless you want to ;)

Prime rib and Lau lau chicken cooked at the beach. The prime rib was "melt in yo mouth" kind!!

The Hanami party was a sports festival with loco moco on the menu. The kickball tournament was pretty damn good for a first try.