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Friday, January 29, 2010

The "Mega" Dictionary

This beast has over 100 dictionaries plus too many other things to mention. It's playing Obama's speech in Chicago on election night in this pic. The processing power of some things are missed unless you consider how much is really going on under the hood. In this case a lot is going on. More CPU power than it took to send
man to the moon in this little study tool.

Another flawless diary by one of my Elementary school students.

3 months of being great and saving money paid off for her....again ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The "Ninja door"...Get Elmo!!

The store got so big last year I had to move it behind the "Ninja door" Most adult students probably have no idea it's even there.
I bought most of the stuff a while back and the kids have been saving and buying stuff ever since. It's all out of my own pocket but it has been one of the best ideas I ever had. I got a buncha little Warren Buffets trying to run me out of business ;)

You better make money first because that door doesn't open for anything but cold hard fake cash ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Elementary girls level-up! and some pie :)

The Elementary school girls are stepping up a level as of now. I will no longer follow-up on regular questions. I expect their classmates to do that from now on.


(Me) What did you do this morning?

(Student) This morning I watched T.V.

(Another student) What did you watch?

I will teach them week by week the questions they will need to ask to satisfy their curiosity and my expectations.

Other schools teach kids how to speak. I teach them how to control,continue and change the conversation using their knowledge and attitude.
English is not just a language. It takes an attitude that is more confident and straight forward than some others. If your smart and were taught well (my job to teach) then you can speak and do it in a way that matches the culture without being rude or thoughtless. Being confident does not mean you have to sound and act like an ass___. I usually do ;) but I teach my students the smarter way

Hana's Granny made some apple pie! Thank you :)
I hope it made the test easier to swallow ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Creative....daniel_k

This is where I sat for waaaaay too long trying to re-install my creative soundcard drivers. It took less time to rebuild the PC re-install the OS and everything to just the way I like it than it took just to re-install these drivers. F__ Y__!! Creative for being so crappy that i had to turn to someone named "daniel_k" at the creative forum which seems to be filled with unhappy customers trying to get some...any support from creative.

I finally got the drivers from here Thank you daniel_k whoever you are you made my life just a A LOT easier than it was.

A pic of what i wanted from the start. Just a functioning soundcard. a.k.a what I f____ paid for!!

One of my Elementary school girls doing better than I did when I was 10! That is for sure!! My teached had fits with my chicken scratch ancient scroll looking hand scratch.

The kids at the pre-school making me feel good and reminding why I do this. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freezing in Japan

It is FREEZING in Yanai Japan!! Just going to the bathroom is an uncomfortable experience. Unless freezing on the john is cool with you or you heat your bathroom. A heated toilet seat helps but in this kinda cold even that's not gonna do it.

I love teaching in Japan but my eventual return to home in Hawaii is a warm comfortable thought on days like these.

I once took a pic of a thermometer when it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I was gonna do the winter version of that but that thermometer is downstairs (not heated) so a screenshot will have to do.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in the grind...and happy to be :)

The best overall student in my school (left) based on my ranking system.
They are getting back into the rhythm after the long Winter break

A couple of students just got their Christmas presents because they were on long family holidays. They were happy!! :)

This 10 year old girl got a total of 90,000 yen for Japanese new Year money called otoshidama (?) When i was 10 I got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas butt I'm sure it didn't ring up $900.00 dollars!!
I don't wanna be a Toys R Us kid...I wanna be THEIR kid!!!! :)

(I clarified that it wasn't a mistake. She really did get 90,000 yen).

My student gave me a really nice roll cake as a souvenir from her trip to Hyogo.
Thank You!!! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Eiken 1 (Vocabulary Hell)

Another one of my students is challenging the Eiken 1 Step test and I'm sure she will pass because the others did too. I have learned that the vocabulary that is needed is in fact ridiculously tough in that it has a LOT of words that most people never say much less write unless they are writing a thesis or are a walking dictionary. Similar to the "Rain man". You know the type. Can't start or carry on any normal conversation but can define or translate most anything in multiple languages. Anyway...
A lot of the books give 500 or so words and actually use about 25-50% in sentences (the answers to their quizzes) and leave the rest up to you. I have learned that finding a way to put every word in a sentence requires a little overtime by the teacher, in the form of original quizzes and that is the difference between simply knowing the translation and actually using the word. You gotta choose 1 of 4 in that section of the Eiken so you better know them all. The overtime does nothing for your wallet but it fills up the pride at knowing you helped ANOTHER student reach the top of the ladder.

Another students opinion on the secret nuclear pact between America and Japan.
Good job!! :)

If this revelation was a surprise to anyone than they really should consider....with more thought, the complex world we live in, and have been living in since the "Arms Race' began. Gee whiz.. the government keeping a secret from the people that elected it. I tend to get along well with Chess players. They habitually think about advance steps (and the possible results of said steps). It makes the unlikely seem more likely by simple deduction and forethought. Sadly most people can't even see what is right in front of them right now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 School party pictures

These are just a few pics from
The Hanami Party in Japan
The Hawaiian beach Barbeque party in Japan
The Halloween and haunted house party in Japan
The 2009 Christmas party in Japan.

Click on the tags to see more party pics. This is just a few selected in no order for no particular reason. I do like a couple of the Halloween ones though ;)

Thank you to everyone who helped make these great parties :)

The Christmas party (above). Santa, Turkey and a shooting range....good stuff ;)

The Haunted house and Halloween party. Kids was really fun :) Don't connect the 2 unless you want to ;)

Prime rib and Lau lau chicken cooked at the beach. The prime rib was "melt in yo mouth" kind!!

The Hanami party was a sports festival with loco moco on the menu. The kickball tournament was pretty damn good for a first try.