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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm famous...AGAIN!!/Merry Christmas!!!

My School's Christmas display was filmed and is being run 4x a day as a seasonal intermission commercial thingy. I don't watch cable but a student of mine does and they recorded it for me :) I remember when they came to film and NOW I get what the woman was trying to say. This cable station could be nationwide and it could be running off a small antenna which is viewed by 50 old people..I dunno??

I wish they did the Halloween display/Haunted House which is MUCH rarer around here :(

UPDATE: Apparently a lot of people still have cable because there is a traffic issue in front of my School and people are coming in inquiring about the School. That woulda been great a few years ago. Anywayz..

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 2010 Christmas party in Japan.


The Turkey and Ham were by far the juiciest ever! I just pulled the bones out of the meat while all the meat slid off. Cool as hell!

The Turkey looks like pulled pork or Kalua pig. It was awesome and I'm quite proud of myself :)

The students bring sweets every year and they brought a ton this year and it was great!! Thank you everyone. Hana's grandmothers apple pie was my personal favorite :)

Saki and Wakana are a teachers dream when it comes to being "Party people". They love to team up like a comedy duo and they always make the party funner! Thank's goes to both of them!

Santa rocked the hizzouse too (Sorry I can't post every pic)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 2010 "Christmas in Japan" post

I will make a post Christmas party post soon. Meanwhile here's a vid of the juciest Turkey i have ever smoked

This is Santa's chair! I will post several updates in this one post starting now but kicking off for real early in the morning when I start smoking the meats :)

This is the girls bracket. There are a lot of girls and I'm sure these ones will play the others are maybe too young or too old? I can put them on supplementary brackets if need be. The Men's brackets are on the right side (out of pic)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "Party" The Games

"Name that Tune" is coming back and better than ever with more songs Western and Japanese. The buzzer system (pictured below ) will be used to much greater effect. Each 2 person team (1 Japanese 1 Foreigner) will have 10 chances against there opponents to guess the song and Buzz in to answer. This game can get really fun if the song mix is right. If your coming, and wanna be sure your musical tastes are reresented equally please contact and name that/those artists :)

The firefox plugin Youtube video2mp3 has SAVED me!! I don't need torrents or trackers. If it's on Youtube then I can rip a HQ mp3 outta it. LOVE THIS THING!! Wprks great for the Japanese stuff too BTW.

The Wii Sports tournament is a king of the hill winner stays and plays on while the opponents take turns trying to knock off the king and change the game or keep kicking ass. The room is being specialy carpeted for this event which should be a smash!!

**If you have a Wii controler bring it!! I have 2 but up to 4 people can play some games and of course only you will ever touch your own controller :) **

I am NOT fuc_ing around yo!! Bring your "A" game!

Ikura lookin' nice and chunky for Winter! I love this cat!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Update from Japan

Got more people coming than last year but the R.S.V.P thing can drive a Mo'Fo cRAZY!!

I will serve Turkey,Ham and all the fixings and I ask the attendees to bring something sweet so we always have lottsa sweets too. But... I gotta keep track and ask for alternatives in-case there's a boom in something particular. The 1st party had A LOT of Jello/Jelly's..?... So since then I ask exactly what is being brought and if theres already enough of that I request another thing. I got 6 varietys of Chiffon cake this year for example so if anyone says there bringing that I gotta shut em' down politely and suggest or accept happily an alternative.

I'm doing a really fun "Name that Tune" game and I need lotsa Japanese songs to make sure my students can enjoy it. I foolishly deleted most of the ones Saki helped me download...a definite WTF moment :(

There will also be a wicked Wii sports tournament too. I think that will absolutely pwn.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rain..tha f__k? (Messin with the Christmas display!!)

I started decorating my School for Christmas the 2nd year (2005) and it hardly ever rained. According to the internet and my own un-scientific study (how much water is in the mizu) December and January were the driest months of the year in Yanai. Since 2007 though December has been getting wetter and wetter. Natural Earth cycle accelerated by man? or ________? I believe the first one so won't mention anything else. Itis, in Japan, very real I'm pissed to say! I gotta break down and take in the goods like a 1 man Christmas commando more than I like and can do it fast. Like today.....__ck!!

My student got me 2 BUCKETS of candy canes from Costco in Fukuoka. They look small in the pic but these are BIG.
Thank you Yumie!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas in Japan (The lights..part 2 of 3)

I got the newest prop up today :)

Yeah, it's early...but I gotta party to prep for and I need to be ahead of schedule so I'll enjoy it a few days earlier which means more time before I have to take it all down. it's a "win win" situation (I had to hack saw the top 1ft off this tree for it to fit and the Angel is still squished :( ) I bought this tree in Hawaii at Ala Moana Sears 5 years ago cuz the ones at Nafco Suuuucked! They are alot better now I think. The box was over the JAL limit big time so they taxed my a** HARD! This is an expensive tree and a testament to my stubborn stupidity. I thought they wouldn't call me out if I looked scary but a dainty Japanese JAL counter woman CRUSHED me with her little tape measure and that was that. Leave it behind and buy a crap Nafco tree or pay up...I paid...I'm happy! It's a gorgeous tree and after it gets the mini candy cane treatment it'll be ready for "Christmas tree monthly's" centerfold :)

I used to hang the Snoopy animated ornaments on the tree but some of them are really heavy and they throw the tree off balance visually so I came up with this "Martha Stuart'ish" idea. (is she still around..alive?) She used to pwn this season till I took it from her!!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving BTW! I used to celebrate it before the Christmas prep got too big and I realized that the menu was almost the same.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TOEIC - トーイックスピーキングテストは、近い日本の将来で、英語の実用的な力を試すテストになるでしょう

This IS the future of English evaluation in Japan.


I have been teaching the Eiken for several years but I am through with that. Grades 5-2 are practical but the pre-1 and 1 are no longer going to be taught by me. I have had several students pass the Eiken 1 since my School opened. It is an incredible achievement but the time invested and the accuracy of the test are questionable at best.

No thanks

The Eiken? The vocabulary for the Eiken 1

Supercilious, Alacrity, Mellifluous, Mendacious.

In what event might a person you teach use those words? This is simply not practical as it does little to improve their overall level. This is a memory challenge. Nothing more.
The essay portion accounts for 28 points and is related to their composition skills but they will never get that essay returned and if it is why they failed then they will never know exactly what their weakness was. I as a teacher cannot support them because I can't see what caused them to stumble and it doesn't even address the question of WHO exactly is correcting these many many essays? Are they exclusively native English speakers or fellow Eiken 1 lvl students who were lucky enough to pass.

28pts right there!

The pass score is not determined until after the test is administered because they cannot gauge the difficulty level until after they total all the scores. If the test is stuffed with people who tried but failed before they will be of a higher level which will make the overall score higher. THAT is not an effective score nor is it an accurate evaluation of some one's English level.

Now the TOEIC

Begin, Began, Begun, Beginner

Looks easy as hell but a lot of Eiken 1's may not be able to place the appropriate word in a sentence. If it were a business letter to a client a mistake could have huge ramifications if it were regarding a project's designated start date. You get it?

Eiken Speaking portion: 4-7 minutes.
TOEIC Speaking portion: 20 minutes.

If you make a mistype it is not deducted because as we all know..there is a "spell check" and most companies require it be used before forwarding business mail. Nice :) Practical :)

If during the speaking portion, you misspeak it is not necessarily going to hurt you if you are able to stay composed and deliver the message effectively. I sometimes misspeak. It happens. The TOEIC is more concerned with a real world (business-centric) style of communicating with realistic expectations and a clear numerical scoring system that gives as accurate, scaled measurement of a students development.

I know Eiken 1's who still have trouble with proper Noun,Verb,Subject placement and make past/present/future tense mistakes. You will not get 900points or more on the TOEIC without getting the basics down solid. I like that. I also like the fact that the Speaking test testers are themselves,frequently evaluated which should maintain a form of quality control over the whole damn thing. Again, Yeah! You as a student are anonymous to the tester. Where you are from is of no consequence on the iBT. There are many reasons why that is a good idea.

Tadashi Yanai (the richest man in Japan, President of Uniqlo) has implemented the TOEIC standard. He is not richer than Sony's or Toyota's presidents because he is a revolutionary. It is because he is an evolutionary, if you will. He is anticipating and creating change with forethought towards the English standard in a way that Steve Jobs did with compact portable digital devices. It will benefit his company in the future. He's no fool. I anticipate many if not virtually all major companies to fall in line if for no other reason than to stay competitive. A kind of "Keepin' up with the Jones's" ;)

The (speaking) part of the TOEIC was challenged by less than 300 people across Japan last time but it IS the future. I have 2 students getting ready for it as we speak :)

**Thank you for letting me take a picture of your book Keiko!!**


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ikura the Japanese Cat V3

Ikura is looking great just before Winter!! He has full control of the local harem for the 3rd time. He is my pride and joy and I thought he wasn't gonna make it through last Winter. After hearing the battle last night I awoke to see the King back on his throne! Time for some dried fish and some cheese for my boy, ladies and gentleman, back again, I give you the legend....


I already used LL's "Mama said knock you Out" in praise of my favorite warrior cat so I'll go with the BOOM! This time since he definitely jack boomed another cat last night.

***P.O.D. "Here comes the Boom"***

is that all you got?
Ha ha
I'll take your best shot.
Is that ALL you got?

C'mon!!I'll take your best shot!!

****I was painting giant candy canes last night F.Y.I.****

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween the "Cultural exchange"

Some people choose not to celebrate their culture and the traditions. Others choose to do so but under mutually acceptable conditions. For example, a party where people can choose to attend or not. I already do that. I need more!!

I had to employ "Guerrilla tactics" :)

I once sat out in-front of my local supermarket wearing this mask and getting blitzed on beer and July. (I quit drinking about 2 years ago though more of that ;) )

This is the Halloween version of "If you can't bring Mohammed to the Mountain than bring the Mountain to Mohammed". Though to be honest this I'm not true. I enjoyed today because I wanted to have fun and I used a holiday as an excuse ;)

Besides that phrase is inaccurate and in fact backwards. The implied power was infact meant to be expressed in the opposite way:

"he was never a whit abashed, but said, If the hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the hill."

I studied religion at my University which was fascinating but I'm not all that religious. I just mentioned this because I realized via "Google" that this phrase is almost always misspoken,misconstrued and misinterpreted F.Y.I ;)

Nobody was hurt by my "cultural expressiveness". I got a lot of laughs and made some people turn around and run the other way. I was an American Zombie.

I came.
I saw.
I scared ass!! ;)

*****Last Halloween post...I promise!!!*****

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween in Japan (2010)

You can't see a thing but it's all about the screams. :)

The girl in the top pic likes to think of herself as pretty damn cool and she is for her age but if she ever says "I wasn't scared"...I got a pic ;)

The child at the bottom of the first set of pics was eaten by the woman holding him soon after this picture was taken. I know what your thinking.."yeah,right"!! I got one question for YOU. Have you seen that baby today? O.K. then. You put a baby near a monster and some stuff might "happen".

Morgan liked his spider...A LOT!! Don't....touch his spider.

O.K., here we go...
"Hey Chris, I thought that baby got eaten? Whats it doin in the last pic?"

Observe the difference in clothing geniuses. That baby in the last pic is ANOTHER baby that wondered into the arms of a gentle looking monster and is probably about as "alive" as the one that got eaten earlier.

Monsters+Babies= Tragedy.