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Monday, December 28, 2009

Protect Yo' Neck....seriously.

I would be the white guy about to take one on the crown ;) Luckily it's another guy but i got several of the same hits when I boxed.

Tuck your head into your shoulders. I still got 2 "stingers" in my time and lost all feeling below the neck for a few seconds....scary!!

So I thought I was having a heart attack. My left hand was tingling my chest was hardening and it felt like someone was sticking an icepick into my back right behind my heart.

I had been feeling one or the other for 5 days but all together really scared me bad. I went to a clinic near my school in Japan and explained my symptoms. He straightened my shoulders, tucked my chin into my right shoulder and softly pressed on top of my head...?? WTF is he doing?? Turns my head left, tucked into shoulder, presses down....BAM!! I felt like someone stabbed me in the back! I have broken bones,torn muscles,had surgery 2x, dye injected into a knee, had cotton stuffed up in my nose and just below my eyeball ( while fixing my nose which was also damaged while boxing in and out of the ring)and then removed while awake. You would have to have it to understand how painful it is.
By far the worst had been when I fully separated my shoulder while totally wasted. The pain was so severe it shocked me sober and stayed "shocking" for days. Today was second only to that. I have a pinched nerve at my C7 which explained the numb hand right away. My rough life and combo off headfirst tackles and getting wacked on top of my head explained the rest according to the 1st doctor.
I went to a specialist right after that who performed the head push for..??? Proof?? Deep seeded _____? I coulda stopped it. I knew what was coming and I shoulda got up and walked out but I sat there like a moron and got a shot of mind numbing pain...AGAIN.

I began treatment today and it still hurts like hell. I feel more pain than when I met the 2 doctors but at least my heart is not the problem (thank you GOD!!)

If I have a son I'd like him to pick Boxing OR Football but not both. And street brawling is out. A daughter would be nice :) Until she starts dating and then I'll wish I had a son ;)

I used to love to say "protek yo neck"
I shoulda taken my own advice ;)
I'm not supposed to tip my head back for a while but I have to somehow take down a ____load of Christmas decorations? Life is a trip with how it times stuff. Oh well...I wish myself good luck with that not realistically possible task.

The night Mike Tyson beat an aging Larry Holmes who had beaten an aging Mohammed Ali, he was the greatest heavyweight boxer who ever lived. His style doomed him to a short reign as it was based on youthful ferocity. But on that night, no jab or back peddaling could have kept him off. He woulda' destroyed Ali on that night. Prime V.S. Prime, Tyson was the Greatest.