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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Party in Japan 09

Everyone got a little of everything so they could come up for seconds and gorge on what they liked best.

Most everyone took pics with Santa (slideshow on the way) and I appreciate Santa making the trip down to Yanai! Thanks Santa ;)

The party room was over filled and the "Name that Tune" game got started slow as a result.

Lot's of cakes and sweets by the students. There was A LOT left over but that's a good thing!!

The "Shooting Range" was big fun!! It will stay around for a while even after the lights come down ;)

Special thanks to everyone that helped make it a great party! I was so busy i took less pics than usual and i totally forgot to take pics of the 2 man "shooting gallery" I'll post pics of that another time alone with a "Santa slideshow"

Merry Christmas from Japan :)

Some of the Santa pics :) This is less than half of the pics but watching a long slideshow isn't always fun so I made a mini version. Enjoy.