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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy like an Elf (Christmas Party prep in Japan)

The tree looks gorgeous. It's sad to see a crap camera ruin a great photo. I will start using the old camera as a paperweight pretty soon since it can't do it's job.
I made a special shelf for the Peanuts Hallmark Christmas ornament collection. They were weighing down the tree and the balance was way off visually not to mention the fact that some are huge and heavy and I wonder what kind of tree they think people are putting these on? In Hawaii I always go with a "Douglas fir" which is stout but even it would have trouble with some of these ornaments.

I bought this little set last spring and the outdoor parties were too windy and the Halloween party was too crowded so I think I'm going to set up a shooting range during the Christmas party. These little pump action shotguns get send a rubber dart fast and accurate to about 15ft which was a big surprise to me. (yeah, I tested it).

Coolness :)

I'll be more active as the Christmas party approaches.