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Friday, November 6, 2009

Swine Flu in Japan and "Thank God"

A nice card from the local Kindergarten.I thank God I have the chance to spin my "Karma" back in the right direction. If they knew even a little bit about my "Rough come up" I'd never get in the door or any other one without bars on it. Thankfully only God can judge me. So in the meantime I'm working hard to balance the books so to speak ;)

Welcome all the people who typed H1N1 or Swine flu in Japan and landed here :) I take some precautions too. I got the expensive stuff and the cheap stuff :) So I got plenty of stuff to wash them nasty kids hands. I think I'll keep it all the time cuz kids got "stuff" on their hands all the damn time. Then again I'm typing on a keyboard which is supposed to have more bacteria per sq inch than a toilet seat. They didn't test MY keyboard so I'm just saying ....;)

Eiken Update

One of my Ayaka's just passed the Eiken 2 and she is in the first grade of High School. If she passes one more each year she will graduate High school and be an Eiken level 1. That was the goal I gave some of my students 2 years ago and she is on that path.

Great job Ayaka!!!