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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Early" English lesson prep..possible pitfalls

I use stories from the news for different reasons for different levels.

1. Reading practice (6-up) They get good reading practice because these news stories are stuffed with all kinds of vocabulary that they wouldn't find in a normal kids reading book.

2. Vocabulary buildingThe 12 and up crowd need to get as many words as they can and this is a good way to do that. We also discuss it in class

3. Opinion giving and Vocabulary building My mid-advanced kids to adults have to translate key words that I choose and they have to give a short written opinion on the topic which we will discuss in class.

It works great as my students are the best readers around his area and my J.H/H.S. are consistently #1 in their grades and sometimes schools. One of my students recently got the 5th highest score in this prefecture which earned her a free trip abroad as an exchange student. That has been canceled though (thank you swine flu).

I made my copies a day too soon as alleged murderer Tatsuya Ichihashi a.k.a Kosuke Inoue was arrested last night. I'm happy in this case to change the lesson topic. One observation I have....

I noticed his parents on T.V. after he was caught. Had they considered making a public comment over the last 3 years advising their son to turn himself in? Now they imply they support the system that will judge him but they never acted like that before? He ran from home with no shoes or money and the parents never helped? That would go against human nature particularly for the Mother but lying later makes me think he got his f___ed senses from mom and pops.

Capital punishment is out because there is no proof of planning on his part. He will get 12-18 years and be released at 12 because his parents money will provide a solid support system upon his eventual release.

That's it folks and don't go printing "developing" stories unless you hate trees ;)

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