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Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas lights in Japan (2009)

I'm just getting started's a pic :)


My student got me some FAT pieces of steak and that makes teacher VERY happy :)

Thank You!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Snowflakes in Japan

Martha Stewart can swing on my ______ ______es!!! Were making snowflakes :)

The secret to getting em' flat so you can attach fishing line and hang em' from the ceiling.

They get a chocolate if they can account for every little scrap...NOTHING on the floor or the table. I'll do this one craft a year but I'm not cleaning up like their moms. So I bribe em'

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Japanese Junior High School 1st grade (girls notebook)

When i was in school i could barely keep a decent notebook. I was surprised to see Chinami's which looks like an illustrated story book to me. The girl has major art skills!! The guy in the bathtub is supposed to be Sir Isaac Newton. I can verify that since I can't read Japanese. Her teachers must give her high marrks for maintaining an outstanding notebook!!

This is her English diary before I put the "red pen" to it :) She is also loving the pen tablet she got for her combined Christmas/Birthday presents.

The question is: "What are you doing?"
They are writing possible responses. I will repeat asking the question until they can't come up with an answer. At any given moment they could say..

I'm sitting down.
I'm looking at you.
I'm listening to the sound of your computer/ fans/ voice/ the car outside...
I'm touching ( )
I'm thinking about ( )
I'm watching ( )
I'm studying the best English school in Japan!
(that would earn a chocolate and they KNOW that ;) )

or the always acceptable

I'm cold chillin' dog ! ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Japan: An Adults opinion (Crime)

One of my adult students written opinion on a couple of recent criminal cases in Japan. Which we discussed at length during the lesson.

The end of every lesson is when the y get to exchange money. They used to love holding lots of ones until they started losing some so now they regularly exchange for bigger bills which is easier to manage.

It's getting damn cold!! That 10 is in celsius of course, this being Japan and everything.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bits n Pieces November 09

The advanced level Friday girls had a lot of fun with the buzzer quiz game!!

This diary gets high points for cuteness...unfortunately i had to add a lot of red pen "teacher marks" to it after this photo.

One of my best classes getting ready to read. We played a new game I made called "off the Wall" right after this and it turned out really fun!! Sometimes ideas don't live up to our imagination while they are being developed and others far exceed expectations. "Off the Wall" exceed ;)

Christmas prep starts really soon so this will look like a Christmas blog for a little while :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Early" English lesson prep..possible pitfalls

I use stories from the news for different reasons for different levels.

1. Reading practice (6-up) They get good reading practice because these news stories are stuffed with all kinds of vocabulary that they wouldn't find in a normal kids reading book.

2. Vocabulary buildingThe 12 and up crowd need to get as many words as they can and this is a good way to do that. We also discuss it in class

3. Opinion giving and Vocabulary building My mid-advanced kids to adults have to translate key words that I choose and they have to give a short written opinion on the topic which we will discuss in class.

It works great as my students are the best readers around his area and my J.H/H.S. are consistently #1 in their grades and sometimes schools. One of my students recently got the 5th highest score in this prefecture which earned her a free trip abroad as an exchange student. That has been canceled though (thank you swine flu).

I made my copies a day too soon as alleged murderer Tatsuya Ichihashi a.k.a Kosuke Inoue was arrested last night. I'm happy in this case to change the lesson topic. One observation I have....

I noticed his parents on T.V. after he was caught. Had they considered making a public comment over the last 3 years advising their son to turn himself in? Now they imply they support the system that will judge him but they never acted like that before? He ran from home with no shoes or money and the parents never helped? That would go against human nature particularly for the Mother but lying later makes me think he got his f___ed senses from mom and pops.

Capital punishment is out because there is no proof of planning on his part. He will get 12-18 years and be released at 12 because his parents money will provide a solid support system upon his eventual release.

That's it folks and don't go printing "developing" stories unless you hate trees ;)

My post about another scary freak among us but who's face is less well known is right HERE

Friday, November 6, 2009

Swine Flu in Japan and "Thank God"

A nice card from the local Kindergarten.I thank God I have the chance to spin my "Karma" back in the right direction. If they knew even a little bit about my "Rough come up" I'd never get in the door or any other one without bars on it. Thankfully only God can judge me. So in the meantime I'm working hard to balance the books so to speak ;)

Welcome all the people who typed H1N1 or Swine flu in Japan and landed here :) I take some precautions too. I got the expensive stuff and the cheap stuff :) So I got plenty of stuff to wash them nasty kids hands. I think I'll keep it all the time cuz kids got "stuff" on their hands all the damn time. Then again I'm typing on a keyboard which is supposed to have more bacteria per sq inch than a toilet seat. They didn't test MY keyboard so I'm just saying ....;)

Eiken Update

One of my Ayaka's just passed the Eiken 2 and she is in the first grade of High School. If she passes one more each year she will graduate High school and be an Eiken level 1. That was the goal I gave some of my students 2 years ago and she is on that path.

Great job Ayaka!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 2009's Top 10

The "Top 10" is getting a lot more boys on it than in the beginning. Not sure why but I'm happy for them. I was pretty damn scary for most of them and the fact that they made it this far is amazing and that their even on the top 10 is beyond my expectations.

Keep up the good work!! Or I'll be all over you guys....and girls ;)