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Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party in Japan 2009

That was A LOT of work but a lot of fun thanks to the support of friends!! I think everyone had a great time and the haunted house was really fun!! Thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday a big success!!

We started with a Mexican style dinner and then began the Haunted House for those who dared! (which is getting less and less. Most of the kids are just too scared to go up into our man made Hell).

Then after everyone who wanted got to take pictures with the Actors from the Haunted House. After that Saki M.C.'d a "Name that Tune" game and she did a really great job!
and finally Tim took a turn and managed the "Jeopardy" style quiz game. In the end the "Ghosts" won the tournament. (He was pretty much a one man gang as the elementary school girls in focus ;)

It was all and all a great party!!

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