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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday and my favorite book

We played a kinda elimination/concentration game and used some leftover Halloween candy as motivation (not the whole bag).

I advised one of my first year Japanese High School boys to grab "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (in English),It will be years before he enjoys it's true value, but your never too early to expand your mind. This book was a life changer for me. Some people hate it and others love it. I fall in the latter category. You need to read every single page and consider it as you move along or you'll get frustrated. Great things come with great effort. This must be amazingly difficult for a student of a second language.
Message to Kei:
A LOT of my University classmates didn't "get it". Relax and enjoy all the big words and how they seem to go in circles that appear almost pointless until the end which makes zero sense if you didn't get the rest. It would be an achievement to even complete in a second or even first language. The book is like a parents words to their child. It will make more and more sense as you get older.

It's the greatest book ever written.

I took a picture of my leg because I have 2 fashion seasons. Surf shorts and Jeans. The Surf shorts have reached the end of the season and it's time to bust out the jeans.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party in Japan 2009

That was A LOT of work but a lot of fun thanks to the support of friends!! I think everyone had a great time and the haunted house was really fun!! Thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday a big success!!

We started with a Mexican style dinner and then began the Haunted House for those who dared! (which is getting less and less. Most of the kids are just too scared to go up into our man made Hell).

Then after everyone who wanted got to take pictures with the Actors from the Haunted House. After that Saki M.C.'d a "Name that Tune" game and she did a really great job!
and finally Tim took a turn and managed the "Jeopardy" style quiz game. In the end the "Ghosts" won the tournament. (He was pretty much a one man gang as the elementary school girls in focus ;)

It was all and all a great party!!

Click on the slideshow to start and double click for full screen.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The day before the Halloween party

It's the day before the party and I'm standing right behind the "8 Ball"...
I'll be up at 5am tomorrow.
I wish myself luck :)

Moe is in the 4th grade and she writes better than I did in the 4th grade. O.K., that's not the greatest compliment but I was trying. Her depth impresses me. She always writes in a way that makes her seem like she's American as opposed to a little Japanese girl writing in English. That's the compliment I was trying to give :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today was a bad day (De ja Vu )

Today I experienced a "Deja Vu" like I have never had before. I knew a coming event a few seconds before it happened because I had seen it before. In some ancient cultures a strong Deja Vu is taken as a bad omen. (fisherman should stay in port etc) but I went out and wouldn't you know.....I had a REALLY bad experience. I gotta learn to trust my gut or learn how to read my own tea leaves cuz today was practically written on the wall and I didn't read it.

The pic is of the 5 teams that will participate in the Halloween Party.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween..The Cultural introduction ;)

The local Japanese Nursery? Kindergarten? School brought their 5 year old's today and 4 year old's (crying off picture to the right) Most of the 5 year old kids were fine but if you look close some of them are still scared even though they know it's me under the mask. It's a lot of fun introducing the American culture with them!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A "Stamp Rally" Rebus/Halloween style :)

One of the games at the Halloween party will be a "stamp rally" for the kids. I never heard of the term "stamp rally" before coming to Japan but that's what it is..I guess?
They have to solve 6 rebus puzzles to find those stamps and the 6th will be at the scariest spot in The Haunted House. That should weed out the "unworthy" ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween in Japan (The smoke machine)

Last year the smoke machine was broken because I tried to use a fog fluid other than the one "recommended". The machine totally rejected the other stuff and refused to work so it was useless for last years party :(.
I went with the recommended stuff and ..BAM!! The thing is blasting out smoke like a house on fire. Thats what it must look like to the neighbors as the smoke billows out the front entrance. With the lights down...except red and green ones and the scary music playing and the smoke floating around.........the entrance to my school can be too much for my younger kids so I have to go down and escort them through the horror.

I LOVE Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jacks back n' Halloween flashcards!

A couple High School girls cutting the first Jack O' Lantern of the year.

And it's time to start the "Halloween vocabulary" for my new students. If you need flashcards for games I can strongly recommend "Boggles world" and "MES English".
The latter of the 2 can be found in my sidebar.

Today I did some more work on the Halloween displays. If I work EVERYDAY between now and the 25th...I MIGHT get it all done in time ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Offending the Japanese old people. (a.k.a. my neighbors)

For 6 years I have been trying to get a rise outta my neighbors and it finally happened today. Let me start by saying that if a Japanese school was located near me in Hawaii and they were using a symbol (gravestone) that was associated with one of their holidays I would not be offended. had my name on it and it had my date of death as sometime in the next week. That would be extremely uncomfortable but other than that I'd laugh it up and enjoy watching a teacher who took so much of their time and money and sweat trying to exchange their culture in the most authentic way they could.

So it wasn't the severed heads or dead bodies or anything else I have was the Japanese looking tombstone written in Japanese that got the neighbors riled enough to ask if it could be moved just indoors (where the nosey Obaasans are going to see it anyway) The Western tombstone written in English (same phrase) "Here lies a bad student" never got anything other than uncomfortable looks but change the shape and the language and all that changes. I will be a good neighbor for now :) but...on Halloween night that ohaka is going back outside where it belongs right next to the western style one.

What the F__k are you lookin' at?

The party was great (update) more pics right HERE

I left this comfort inspiring gem up with a red backlight for 3 extra weeks just to scare the old people away. It works :) Ima put it up in September thru November from now on. Yeah, I may lose potential students. Anyone related to the offended old people would NEVER let their Prince or Princess go here but as it stands right now, I have people waiting to join so.... fu__ em'.I bring the REAL scary stuff and alotta people dig that even if it freaks em' out a little :p

I think America (Boston/Hawaii) for me, is less apt to "shock" when it comes to cultural celebrations. It is part of the unique fabric of the country. On the other hand groups like the A.C.L.U have filed suits against malls to take down their Christmas trees because some non Christians may be offended (excuse me while I fucking puke) or trying to ban Halloween because of it's supposed religious (pagan) roots. The A.C.L.U should stick to helping people not restructuring it's culture.

That aside. When the Japanese in Hawaii celebrate there holiday including O'bon no one seems offended in fact they embrace the chance to learn. The Japanese in my neighborhood anyway seem to be a little less open to the joy of "cultural exchange" so for me it's "chotto chigau" ;)

Update: I have decided to submit this too The Japan Blog Matsuri

Which is being hosted by Mokudekiru Go have a look at the site :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Giant Gundam (Otaku cheeze)

"Geek Sugar"..."Otaku Cheese"...
Call it what you will but I'm thinking some people might get a kick outta this car size "Giant Gundam" I saw today while watching a sports festival in Iwakuni. I bet this kid has the coolest father on the block!! I can imagine havine a 6foot Godzilla hanging outta my parents sunroof when I was a kid. That woulda been waaaay cool!!

The famous "Kintai-kyo" bridge in Iwakuni" Today was the most beautiful day of the year doubt!!

Some parents recording their kids at the sports festival. I bet some of them are sporting some choice gear :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Starting to break out the Halloween display's so after the class they took a few pics with the "beheaded" When I made the demon a few years back, I told them that if you stare at it too long in the eyes it will steal your soul forever. They STILL never make eye contact with the thing. ;)