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Saturday, September 5, 2009

English Class "Balance" Japan

Their reading skills are great! They are all still in Elementary School. 4th and 6th grades

One of my best students counting her "School money" She is great so she has a lot of cash!! She knows how to count it and spend it too :)

A student recently joined this class and I was worried because the new student's level was not high enough to join unless she REALLY tried hard. Well, she is trying really hard and the "balance" of one of my best classes is doing just fine.

Putting a student in the wrong class can be a big mistake for the School and the student. This time it worked out because the other friend (and the class leader) is one of my School's best students and the new girl wants to keep up with her friend so she has a kind of rivalry based motivation built in.

Saturday is my favorite day of the School week!!