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Friday, September 18, 2009

Being #1 (A Japanese High School girl)

The GTEC test in Japan

My student got #1 in her grade....again!! Her grammar could be better but I focus mostly on conversation and she excels at that so her getting #1 overall is just more proof of how great she is. I tell her she's great and being #1 at that thing (English) helps to support my words of confidence. I push my students very very hard and many of them have shed tears in this classroom but I do it because I want them to maximize their potential.
I want greatness not mediocrity. I don't tell my students to "do their best" because those are Mother's words. I tell them to BE the best!! I don't want anyone in this school "half stepping". If they can't handle the pressure they should find another school that is more concerned with giving smiles and collecting their money. I don't teach for money. I teach because it is my natural gift and I do it better than anyone.

Every time a student brings me a paper like this it just reminds me of that. I am blessed to have the chance to influence kids to be their best. She was very proud to show me the paper because she knows it's what I expect. She met my expectations. I told her she's the best (in a good school) and she is the best. English will open doors for her someday. English speaking friends, a job in America or working for a company in Japan that needs people who can speak English well. (That is going to be more important in the future). Her life will be better and more fulfilled because of all the hard work she does NOW. I respect her effort and I'm proud to be her teacher.

I'm a teacher.
I motivate and inspire others.
That's my job.
That's what I do.

She got the $200.00 "School Money" pencil case. She only had $160 but that + the #1 got her the.....Lion. She finally decided on the Lion :)
The other girl pictured is also #1 in her grade though she's 3 grades lower. (1st year H.S. - 1st year J.H. )That she studies and can join Ayaka and Hana is a testament to how great she is and will become. The absent student is in 6th grade Elementary and because she lived abroad for a while she is able to join and excel in this class too!!

No problem Chinami! You just started Junior High School. By the time you reach High School you will be writing novels in English