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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The "Top 10" for August and stuff ;)

Moe.I is the new #1!!

The classroom can get wrecked pretty quick. Some classes are like human storms ;)
The game was fun. (I can say that because i didn't end up owing the bank anything....this time :)

Another listening test. The Computer voice is different from mine, so it's like having a sub give the test.

Saki introduced me to another comic called "Cuticle Detective" The character bites a different color hair of theirs to activate a power. Or the pic is of another comic?? I might have been confused but I think I got it write?? Who comes up with this stuff?? Then again....

Most of the "Silicon Valley" Vets were admitted "Kool Aid" drinkers ;) if you know what I'm sayin'? Maybe this writer had some Kool aid too?? I think I didn't drink enough "Kool Aid" in my day?? Or too much?? Hearing those stories about the IBM/Apple/Microsoft OG's I think I didn't take drink enough ;)