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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fixing Computers..Yeah, My O'Bon

It's fixed!!!

The pic above shows 121 "events" from just the first scan, ALL of which were bad. Below is my PC with 6 months of "events" totaling 120? and less than 5 were bad ones.

I hooked it up to my Hikari line and ran a suite of personal favorites to get this up and running again. It was randomly doing "Auto-shutdowns" when I got her. That has now stopped and it didn't require "re-seating" anything or command line level tinkering.

I took a screeny of my new favorite Windowblind which is called "Solid state". It shows my "keepers" and what keeps my PC clean of crap.

Anti-virus = Avira AntiVir
Firewall = Online Armor
Malware = Malwarebytes
+ a lot of others that are disabled at startup and then updated used manually when needed except SpyBot teatimer which is always on.

AnVir Task manager
Revo uninstaller
Glary Utilities
and for your Browsing pleasure Firefox

get special mentions

Besides Vista and Windowblinds, I have NEVER purchased anything because most of the best is available for free. I have tried all of the big names over the years and these 5 plus a few others that change over time are enough to keep your system from crashing and requiring any kind of re-installation. I would recommend good recovery software but I have never needed one soooo..?

**Knock on wood**


O'bon was just a holiday mixed with rain. I can't wait to go back to Hawaii