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Friday, August 7, 2009

Eiken Prep that sucks. IMO

While prepping students for EiKEN (which I seem to be doing constantly on some level) I sadly, often stumble upon questionable sample questions. In a question about Coffee and how good it is wouldn't "tastes" be a better if not most obviously appropriate answer? I love great smelling Kona coffee but I drink it because it tastes great.

It just seems like a dumb set of options when asking about a drink. IMO!

Sure enough, as I gave this to 3 5th and 6th graders they seemed hung on this a bit. They went with smell but I think they were looking for "tastes".

Oh well, whatevers!! That prep book is done with. Stick a fork in it.

These 2 love to get their pens and stickers on my blog so for the price of my name in seals....I obliged them!! They are doing great BTW!! Yu was absent. Camping with family. A pretty common reason for being absent in August :) I know I'm getting a souvenir so it's cool ;)