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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Best Class in Japan

After Chiharu moved out of this class it sputtered a little. When a class leader switches it can really throw off the balance. Chinami is now the new leader and Chikako who was the youngest before is now #2 in this class and she has really gotten great at English! I took Honoka, who was the leader of her own 3rd, 4th grade class and asked her to take a step-up into a higher level class (Saturday 3pm) so she could really challenge herself and she did it!! Now this little girl "in the middle" is going to get the support of 2 of my best students and her level is going to skyrocket!! Chikako was the little girl. Now she is supporting the "new" little girl :)
The "Best Class" title will be returned to this group as of next month. I don't see them letting go of it anytime soon!!

Chinami is good at English and at drawing pictures!! She has one of the best kids diaries in my School.

Her younger sister Minami is good with her diary too!! She still has a couple of years before she finishes Elementary School so she is well on her way to mastering English!!