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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Best English School in Japan

3 members of my top 10 that are in the same class. Or they were anyway. After the last 2 sub-par classes 2 of them are off and 1 of them has dropped.

Results > Everything.
They need to maximize themselves. They girl in the middle is in the 2nd grade and is far beyond her peers in reading, writing (she keeps an English diary), and speaking but they should be moving constantly forward and for some reason the Summer heat has taken it's toll. I hope a fresh Fall breeze blows them back on track.

One of my adult students explained what she did during August and had some tickets for visual aids. I have A.D.H.D so it helps ;)

One of my students in the local paper talking to the Mayor :) She might be talking about me and demanding funds for my School? The kanji says "Chris' school is #1 and so am I!!" The text underneath is mysteriously obscured so....just trust me on that ;)

Actually she went to Tokyo as a member of her Japanese archery club and was getting congrats from the Mayor!! She and her brother are awesome students and they are proof of the theory that great parents raise great children!! Their Mom and Dad are great and they are top of their class and grade in School.

I typed that post title for 2 reasons.

#1 It's true.
#2 Everyone who types that will see my site and that's "traffic"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Student Gift (Lucky Stones) Japan

One of my students gave me these stones as a gift. The Black one keeps away bad things and protects health. The purple one is for love and happiness and the Gold one is for wealth and prosperity.

Thanks for the nice gift!! I hope they all work really good

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Halloween Flashback

Got nothing to say really since it's the Summer winding on down but that means that something else is coming

You can never start to early!!

Link to Halloween's Past just above!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So one of my Minami's (the other one was absent so not pictured) introduced a friend to the class. That will be great if she really studies hard and listens to her friend about what I want, which is motivated English speakers,writers,readers. She has a VERY tall mountain to climb to stay with this group so I hope she is up to the task!!

Good Luck Ayaka!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot in Japan..Air Con gasping!!

These girls are really getting good at reading...among other things. They get to enjoy the frostyness (my word) of my classroom and not know how oven like this room was just a few hours ago. The clay roof tiles or something really radiate heat to the point where the air con therm reads 36+ at 9am in the morning. I had a window unit before that could not handle a 12 tatami sized room and that was a hard/hot lesson to learn.

The one I got now just does the job.....just :)

Japanese view on Japan Crime

It's nice to get a Japanese persons perspective on crime in their country written in English. I don't read Japanese so this is where I "put my ear to the ground".

I remember when a B level Hollywood actress was stalked and murdered which prompted her A list friends to back anti- stalking legislature. I imagine when a famous person is stalked and murdered Japanese law will react and enact stricter laws.

The size of our wallet/Black book sometimes is equal to our protection under the law. And sometimes not...

Tupac Shakur was killed in Las Vegas 200 yards from the strip on a Mike Tyson fight night (That's as big a night as the strip gets folks)and the killer was never caught. Had that been the mayors daughter the culprit would have been seized with a media assisted helicopter infested manhunt.

*****2pac's killer was gunned down 18 months later at a gas station in Compton California*****

Christopher Wallace was most likely "hit" by elements and or associates of the L.A.P.D's Rampart Division

But I digress...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fixing Computers..Yeah, My O'Bon

It's fixed!!!

The pic above shows 121 "events" from just the first scan, ALL of which were bad. Below is my PC with 6 months of "events" totaling 120? and less than 5 were bad ones.

I hooked it up to my Hikari line and ran a suite of personal favorites to get this up and running again. It was randomly doing "Auto-shutdowns" when I got her. That has now stopped and it didn't require "re-seating" anything or command line level tinkering.

I took a screeny of my new favorite Windowblind which is called "Solid state". It shows my "keepers" and what keeps my PC clean of crap.

Anti-virus = Avira AntiVir
Firewall = Online Armor
Malware = Malwarebytes
+ a lot of others that are disabled at startup and then updated used manually when needed except SpyBot teatimer which is always on.

AnVir Task manager
Revo uninstaller
Glary Utilities
and for your Browsing pleasure Firefox

get special mentions

Besides Vista and Windowblinds, I have NEVER purchased anything because most of the best is available for free. I have tried all of the big names over the years and these 5 plus a few others that change over time are enough to keep your system from crashing and requiring any kind of re-installation. I would recommend good recovery software but I have never needed one soooo..?

**Knock on wood**


O'bon was just a holiday mixed with rain. I can't wait to go back to Hawaii

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Japanese K-tai Novel (Study Tool)

It seems that "K-tai Novels" are VERY popular in Japan right now among Schoolgirls. I have many students writing their own or co-writing with their classmates. Tomoe and I started using hers as a vocabulary catcher. She likes writing her K-tai novel and she likes explaining it to me in English so it is a great way to make the class practical and fun.

Tomoe is an excellent writer and I'm always waiting to hear the next chapter of her story!! After a School bus crash the main female character has lost her memory and she can't remember anything. Will she regain her memory?? Will Yuya ever tell Mirei how he really feels? Will Kyota steal Mirei away from Yuya??

I'll have to wait until next week to get some answers rindu

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Best Class in Japan

After Chiharu moved out of this class it sputtered a little. When a class leader switches it can really throw off the balance. Chinami is now the new leader and Chikako who was the youngest before is now #2 in this class and she has really gotten great at English! I took Honoka, who was the leader of her own 3rd, 4th grade class and asked her to take a step-up into a higher level class (Saturday 3pm) so she could really challenge herself and she did it!! Now this little girl "in the middle" is going to get the support of 2 of my best students and her level is going to skyrocket!! Chikako was the little girl. Now she is supporting the "new" little girl :)
The "Best Class" title will be returned to this group as of next month. I don't see them letting go of it anytime soon!!

Chinami is good at English and at drawing pictures!! She has one of the best kids diaries in my School.

Her younger sister Minami is good with her diary too!! She still has a couple of years before she finishes Elementary School so she is well on her way to mastering English!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eiken Prep that sucks. IMO

While prepping students for EiKEN (which I seem to be doing constantly on some level) I sadly, often stumble upon questionable sample questions. In a question about Coffee and how good it is wouldn't "tastes" be a better if not most obviously appropriate answer? I love great smelling Kona coffee but I drink it because it tastes great.

It just seems like a dumb set of options when asking about a drink. IMO!

Sure enough, as I gave this to 3 5th and 6th graders they seemed hung on this a bit. They went with smell but I think they were looking for "tastes".

Oh well, whatevers!! That prep book is done with. Stick a fork in it.

These 2 love to get their pens and stickers on my blog so for the price of my name in seals....I obliged them!! They are doing great BTW!! Yu was absent. Camping with family. A pretty common reason for being absent in August :) I know I'm getting a souvenir so it's cool ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot In Japan

It's hotter than Hell right now!! Summer IS HERE!!! Time to put some beach time in as soon as my holidays roll around :)

THIS GUY should have a massive something named after him!!!

This is not a dry Nevada 114 or a breezy Hawaii 95. This is a hot muggy wet blanket over your body feeling "sweltering" 100!!!

Happy B'Day Princess!! ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The "Top 10" for August and stuff ;)

Moe.I is the new #1!!

The classroom can get wrecked pretty quick. Some classes are like human storms ;)
The game was fun. (I can say that because i didn't end up owing the bank anything....this time :)

Another listening test. The Computer voice is different from mine, so it's like having a sub give the test.

Saki introduced me to another comic called "Cuticle Detective" The character bites a different color hair of theirs to activate a power. Or the pic is of another comic?? I might have been confused but I think I got it write?? Who comes up with this stuff?? Then again....

Most of the "Silicon Valley" Vets were admitted "Kool Aid" drinkers ;) if you know what I'm sayin'? Maybe this writer had some Kool aid too?? I think I didn't drink enough "Kool Aid" in my day?? Or too much?? Hearing those stories about the IBM/Apple/Microsoft OG's I think I didn't take drink enough ;)