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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Top 10" for July 2009, Hey Hawaiian!!

Minami keeps the top spot and her sister returns as #2. This is a monthly "stress-fest" I go through while trying to decide this list's members. The rules were clearly stated and put in the newsletter which all the students and their parents received. As a motivational tool it has been amazing!! As a "stresser" it has been amazing too!! :(

Satomi brought some seriously delicious looking cream puffs in for her fellow students today!!
Thanks Satomi!!

The rainy season has come. Time to cover up!!

In a land full of cats...this crayfish is living dangerous!! I guess the rainy season is making him feel strong...or the big claws do that :)

Yeah, I remember when IZ died.(6/26/97) It was slow as he was on a respirator for quite a while before he died. He had a big Hawaiian heart but his body was just too big :(

Big Man,
**Reminded by Brother Morgan**

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole HERE

Oh and a cute version of my FAVORITE Hawaiian Song...Wahine Ilikea"