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Friday, July 24, 2009

Japanese money laundering :)

So the "Money scheme" has withstood the time test and has become a keeper. Everyone has adjusted to it and they have all managed ,exchanged, and otherwise handled it in their own way which has been interesting to watch. I can already see who will be the future adults that go on vacation and come back with money in their pockets and the ones who blow every last penny because that's what they think "spending money" is. That would be me in the latter category. Broke and smiling.

I have since grown-up I guess... But some of these kids have money managing skills way beyond their years. I hope this little system has helped them to learn the Life equation that says..

Hard Work gets you ______, which lets you _____.

Being lazy and gutless gets you _____, which makes you have to______.

Their level of their focus and commitment in whatever they choose to do will put one of those sentences in play.