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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Computers in Japan

So, in Hawaii I was too busy doing audio "somethings" or BBQ and beaching it to ever even use computers except at University. I came to Japan and plugging in a printer was beyond me. After having some problems with my first Sony I brought it back to Deo Deo to have it fixed. I suppose I doubted them from the beginning? Anyway I installed a "keylogger" and let it go wild while they were holding/servicing my P.C.

Two weeks later after I got it back I decided to check the logger and was stunned (O.K., not so stunned) to realize my little James Bond act worked and caught a "tool" in the act. After booting the P.C. the repair person (actually just the guy who received it for service) proceeded to open the pictures folder and browse through every single picture and photo sub file. The f__k?? And then he went everywhere except where I now know he should have been.

The Problem was with one of the USB connectors. No reason to search each and every photo on my computer. And he watched some videos from the School parties.Ummmm???

I called and explained what I knew and I was strongly told I was they were insulted??(That's what I'M saying!!) Oh man I couldn't get there fast enough to shove some tech they should know ,right up in their lying mugs!! They opened that door and I stormed in!! So I take the P.C. back to Deo Deo Yanai, and start up the PC open the logger and start showing the receipt they gave me and how 2 hours later on the same day someone was surfing through personal files that were in no way connected to the service request/write-up????? Day/hour/minute/second with the duration of each selection.

They say it must have been a tech in Hiroshima who did it.

I tell them the time stamp shows someone would have had to be doing it while it was being delivered to Hiroshima even if it was shipped immediately? We both know it wasn't shipped that day. It was 2 days later that it was sent to Hiroshima.

They say they are sorry for violating my trust and will have the worker apologize when they find who it was.

I tell them the the guy that took it from me is standing behind that row ignoring this whole event because it was him. I want him standing in front of me and I want to know why after buying a T.V a Home theater a P.C. a DVD 5.1 for my P.C. a refrigerator a stand-up freezer and everything else I needed he felt it O.K. to violate my privacy?? And how they could then lie about it when being computer guys they should "know" I might "know" and have a record of it.

They bow apologize and insist I accept something? Perhaps a gift card? I don't know because I was on fire yelling and pointing and telling them to shove various nearby items up their lying a___'s. It coulda got really bad if they told another lie. They were smart to look at the floor while I vented because anything arrogant smug or feigning ignorance would have went over really bad at that moment.

****What they did sucked but it happens.But, their lie was the bigger problem and me having to go show them like they're children was unacceptable. I have zero bad surfing habits so no problems for me other than the insult which is a big problem for me****

If Deo Deo has the best price for something I need ,I take their advert to Best Denki or Yamada Denki and show them, they ALWAYS match the price. They're no fools so they get the sale. I wouldn't trust anyone again not to be curious and human and peek my stuff.

Then I decided to learn and build my own rigs and I have become the repairman for all my students that have P.C. problems. I always get them running and I keep my skills up and they get free service so all is good.

Thanks Deo Deo Yanai, for being soooo f___ed up that I learned to do it myself and help others to support my new hobby. When I return to Hawaii there will be no time for Blogs or sticking to / fixing P.C.'s. But for now. This kills the time in a country town just fine :)

"Beware of the hand
When it's comin' from the left
I ain't trippin' just watch ya step
Can't truss it"

Public Enemy - Can't Truss It

**just added this track to my playlist. Long time no listen :)**

This is the secret behind my repair skills!! I'm just the OZ behind the curtains!! It's really these kids that do all the work ;)

It is perfect how today turned out. Moe has been saving since I started this money system and she was focused on one thing from the beginning..The "Baby Elmo" Pillow. I know some other girls who will be sad it's sold but Moe earned it with a great diary,great test scores, marked and steady improvement in class. She always has a great attitude and she is waaaay beyond her 5th grade level in Reading, Writing and Speaking.

She was excited to get her pillow and she will be next months #1 student.
She had a really reeeeeally good day!!!